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Gundrilling Rifle Buttons

Rifle Buttons are precision carbide tools for forming the grooves and resizing the bore in gun barrels. Sizes range from 14 caliber to 10 gauge, and they can be ground with any helical twist, right or left handed. They are available in rifle, bore, or combination styles. The buttons are either pushed or pulled through the barrel depending on the type of equipment the customer has available. We also recommend that all rifle buttons be coated with either Titanium-Nitrate (TIN) or a Titanium Aluminum Nitrate coating (TIALN Futura Nano). This will improve the tool life and increase barrel finish by keeping the material from cold welding to the buttons.

Once the customer determines the style of rifle button they wish to use, they need to determine the exact size of the rifling and bore they wish to establish in the barrel.

The customer needs to first start with a good straight gun drill hole, approximately .006"-.008" smaller than their bore size. Then pass a reamer through the barrel to establish the bore size to remove any surface imperfections and control the inside diameter of the barrel from one end to the other.

Then, the next step is to push or pull button through the barrel. Utilizing a good pressure lube is required to achieve good results. The process is very fast, approximately 40" per minute. Button rifled barrels are usually less costly to produce. A combination button which consists of a rifle button and a bore button will both swage the lands in the barrel and resize the bore section in one pass.


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